Website Development Using WordPress

  • English

Learn how to design eye catching websites easily using WordPress CMS

  • 31 Lessons

Course Overview

WordPress is an open source, free to use content management system, using which, anyone can develop, edit and manage websites or blog for free, without any knowledge of coding. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL. As per data till March,2019, 33% of total websites available on internet are built on WordPress. In this course, we will get detailed information about WordPress and learn how to develop website using WordPress. After learning this course, anyone without any experience or knowledge of website development or coding languages will be able to design a website

What You will Learn
  • You will learn basic of website development using WordPress. After completing this course
  • you will know : 1. How to get the basic things required to design a website i.e. domain name
  • hosting etc 2. How to install WordPress on your hosting provider 3. From where to get the design of the website 4. How to install themes and customize it according to our needs 5. What are the plugins
  • which are the must have plugins
  • from where to get them and how to install them and many more things.
  • Basic Computer Knowledge

Course Circullum

  • Course Overview : What we will learn and final result
  • What is wordpress?
  • Types of wordpress
  • How to choose the right wordpress for you
  • Things needed before starting website development
  • What is Domain Registrar?
  • How to register & login on GoDaddy?
  • How to get domain name from GoDaddy?
  • Different types of hosting
  • How to get wordpress hosting from godaddy
  • How to install WordPress on our server
  • Getting familiar with Wordpress Dashboard
  • Wordpress theme options
  • Choosing a theme for website
  • How to install theme into your website
  • How to change Basic site settings
  • How to edit content on homepage (Part 1)
  • How to edit content on homepage (Part 2)
  • Must have wordpress plugins
  • How to Install and set up useful plugins
  • How to delete unnecessary plugins
  • Must have pages/sections for your website
  • How to add pages into your website
  • How to delete Unnecessary pages
  • How to set up your website's menu
  • How to add and publish blog posts
  • How to delete blog posts
  • How to set up widgets in your website (Part 1)
  • How to set up widgets in your website (Part 2)
  • Overviewing the completed website
  • Resources to learn more about WordPress
Acctual Price


Course For
  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Housewives
Course Benefits
  • After competing this course
  • you will be able to design a WordPress website on your own with must have plugins and some must have website functionalities in it.