Edvant found in 2017, is committed to create Value added services for its customers. India is a country of great potential, great enough to scale heights with the brilliance of quality education in the Country. However, a lot of people are unemployed, especially youngsters. Soon out from College, they probably find a job, but the problem is they get stuck at some level and struggle to climb up the Corporate ladder.

We wondered why !

Practical and employable skills is often missed in our Conventional Education system. That’s how we took this market gap and built Edvant – an affordable Skills Development Platform.

Edvant is an Intelligent Learning Management System with carefully prepared & researched Skill Development Courses. The course Topics have been hand-picked after careful Online market research and surveys, on a User need basis. Our Learn from anywhere and anytime platform reminds you that it’s never late to learn new skills!

So, sit back, pick your favourite Course and learn at your own pace.